Ground Zero Communications was created by Charles James as a freelance graphic design and art direction company in 1996. The name was developed to describe the "central point of impact" of creative ideas and design.

Since then, we've grown to specialize in many areas of design, copywriting, marketing and programming/web coding and serve as outsourcing for Marketing/Ad/Design Agencies as well as have direct clients of our own. We build brands that customers can connect with. We step into the world of our clients and their brands to uncover the unique connection between their business strategy and the needs of their audience.

What Do We Do?
• Website User Interface Design and Programming
• Web Banner Design and Web Advertising
• HTML Email Design and Copywriting
• Print Advertising Creation, Design, and Copywriting
• Print Collateral, Brochures, Direct Mail, and Campaign Creation
• Outdoor Advertising- Logo Design and Corporate ID

How Do We Work?

Get To Know You Phase: We'll have a conference call or personal meeting with you to find out a brief history of your company and to understand what you are looking for.

Estimation Phase: We'll create an estimate based on your input and the things you need and present that for approval. An approved, signed estimate will be needed to move forward so we are all on the same page and there is no question on what will be delivered.

Research Phase: We'll start looking at your competitors to find out what they are doing and how we can help you do it better! This includes putting together sample imagery, color pallets, design inspirations, typography samples, etc...

Design Phase: Depending on the type of project you need, we'll start putting together some rough comps (logos, website designs, brochure layouts, etc...) for you to approve and make sure we are all on the same page. You'll get 3 to 6 logo options, 2 to 3 print design options, or up to 3 website design options to review depending on budget and time approved.

Production Phase: Once you have approved the designs, we will take the project into print production / web coding / etc... You will see and approve the project at all these stages to make sure everything is just the way you like it.

We believe in working as a team with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with out work and that it gets done in a timely, cost effective way!

Who Have We Worked With?

Real Estate & Resort
- Casa Papelillos - Luxury Home in Punta Mita Mexico
- Punta Mita Real Estate - Mexico
- Olamar - Luxury Residences in Cabo
- Palmasola - Luxury Home/Villas in Punta Mita Mexico
- Celeste - Luxury Residences in Mexico
- El Encanto - Luxury Residences in Mexico
- Peter Island Resort & Spa - BVI
- Casa Tres Soles - Luxury Home in Punta Mita Mexico
- Casa de Olas - Luxury Home in Punta Mita Mexico
- Levitt Homes
- Fenton & Lang Realtors
- Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge - Luxury Hunting Lodge Wyoming
- Wyoming Club
- Porta Fortuna Resort & Spa
- Launch Pad Marketing 
- SouthFace Village at OKEMO
- Portland On The Park 
Corporate Business
- 1Source International - Web, Audio & Video Conferencing
- FedEx
- ATLAS Disposal - Commercial Waste Disposal
- BACO Exterminating
- Data Privacy Company
- EPI Breads - Custom Bread Company
- PGA Tour Club
- Sheppard Engineering
- Panoz Racing School

Advertising & Design Agencies
- Baker & Hill - Illustration and Design
- RedHouse USA - Medical Marketing

- Good Advertising - Design & Advertising
- Toma & Associates Design
- Communique Design Group
- Morrison Agency - Advertising
- Satori Interactive- Web Usability Specialists


Builders & Architects
- Dostart Development Company - Luxury Office Space Development
- Raydeo Enterprises- Custom Awnings, Signage, Railing, and Millwork

Thank you for visiting and we hope to help you and your company with our ground breaking, creative, graphic design, advertising, and corporate branding skills and experience.

Thank you,
Charles James

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